Bulk Item Pick-ups

As your local solid waste management and junk removal experts, Small Hauls offers convenient, scheduled, full-service home collection options for customers requiring Bulk Item Pick-ups or disposal of large or bulky items. If you’ve got a fridge that’s no longer cooling or a washer that’s all washed out, chances are you’ll want to replace them. When that time comes, rather than lugging cumbersome old units down to your local disposal depot, give us a call and we’ll take your items away.

Need a Dumpster for Home or Business? You Got It.

Whether it’s a broken water heater, a used dryer, or an old mattress, Small Hauls will handle your used white goods and bulky items safely and with care. All you need to do is contact our local branch and we’ll schedule a convenient time for one of our trained professionals to go and do Bulk Item Pick-ups  from your home or office

a bulk item for pickup

If you have a bulk item for pickup, call our office and we will send a truck to your location. Examples of bulky items would be: water heaters, washers, dryers, furniture, etc. Please confirm pick-up date before placing an item at the curb.

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Sit back and relax-the Small Hauls have got this. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, sorting, loading and responsible recycling, donating and disposal of all unwanted Bulk Item Pick-ups. Let us help you take back your space with affordable services that save you time money and stress. We offers stress-free solutions to your junk removal needs. Our professionals are trained in handling the mess of cluttered spaces in both residential and commercial properties. Simply call to let us know what you need hauled away, or text us pictures of it, and we will provide you with an accurate estimate right away.