Construction Debris Removal in Indian Wells, CA: Small Hauls Junk Removal

Have you finished your home renovation project in Indian Wells, CA, but left with a mountain of debris? Don’t stress about hauling away leftover materials yourself. Small Hauls Junk Removal is here to help! We offer a convenient and responsible solution for removing your construction debris, including:

What We Do: Construction Debris Removal in Indian Wells CA

We offer a convenient and responsible solution for removing your construction debris, including:

  • Drywall Scraps: Let us care for those leftover drywall pieces, keeping your renovation space clean and tidy.
  • Old Flooring Materials: Want to upgrade your floors? We’ll haul away unwanted carpet, tile, or laminate flooring, making room for your new installation.
  • Broken Cabinets: Out with the old, in with the new! We’ll remove those damaged or outdated cabinets, leaving a clear space for your dream kitchen or bathroom.
  • Leftover Paint Cans (Excluding Hazardous Materials): We handle leftover, non-hazardous paint cans, ensuring proper disposal. (Please note that we cannot remove hazardous materials like asbestos.)
  • And More!  We handle construction debris, including lumber scraps, broken appliances, and roofing materials (with limitations). Just ask us!
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Why Choose Small Hauls for Construction Debris Removal in Indian Wells, CA?

  • We Haul Away (almost) Anything!  We take a wide range of construction debris, excluding hazardous materials, making your post-renovation cleanup a breeze.
  • Safe & Efficient Removal: Our experienced crew will carefully remove your debris, minimizing disruption and ensuring proper handling of all materials.
  • Eco-Friendly Disposal: Small Hauls prioritizes responsible disposal practices in Indian Wells, CA. We work with local recycling centers whenever possible to divert construction debris from landfills.
  • Transparent Pricing: Get a free quote upfront so you know exactly what to expect before we begin.
  • Local Expertise: Small Hauls Junk Removal is proud to serve the Indian Wells, CA, community and understand local regulations for construction debris disposal.

Focus on Finishing Touches, Not Cleanup!

Don’t let construction debris removal delay your post-renovation enjoyment in Indian Wells, CA. Let Small Hauls Junk Removal handle the cleanup process for you!


  • Get a Free Quote: Contact us online or by phone to discuss your construction debris removal needs and receive a transparent quote.
  • Relax and let us handle the Work.  Our professional crew will efficiently remove your debris and ensure proper disposal or recycling.
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Small Hauls Junk Removal: Your Partner in Post-Renovation Cleanup and Eco-Friendly Living in Indian Wells, CA!


Unfortunately, due to safety regulations, Small Hauls cannot handle hazardous materials like asbestos. However, we can recommend licensed asbestos abatement companies in the Indian Wells area that can safely remove and dispose of these materials. Your safety is our priority!

We understand the importance of protecting your property. Our experienced crew uses protective measures, such as plywood sheets, to minimize any potential damage to your Indian Wells driveway during debris removal.

Separating your debris by material type (e.g., drywall, wood) can expedite removal. However, it’s not mandatory. Our crew can sort the debris on-site if needed.

We can handle most residential construction debris removal projects in Indian Wells. However, for massive projects, please contact us beforehand to discuss the scope and ensure we have the necessary equipment and workforce for efficient removal.

Small Hauls prioritizes eco-friendly disposal in Indian Wells, CA. Whenever possible, we work with local recycling centers to divert recyclable construction debris from landfills. Non-recyclable materials are disposed of responsibly at facilities adhering to local regulations.