Cardboard and Packaging Removal

The Junk Removal Heroes of Indian Wells from the leading company; Small Hauls, are dedicated to providing our customers with full-service Cardboard and Packaging Removal with a smile. Our mission is to rescue our Indian Wells, CA customers from the villainous rubbish and sinister heaps of junk. That are cluttering their lives with our junk removal job at a time

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Through our collection vehicles, transfer stations, recycling centers and landfills, we focus on providing effective and reliable environmental services. Plus solutions to make proper recycling and waste disposal effortless for our customers.

Sustainable Solutions for Cardboard Removal

At Small Hauls, we are committed to the preservation of a safe Planet with cleaner, safer and healthier world where people thrive not just for today, but for generations to come. With our Cardboard and Packaging Removal Services our professional team is experienced in meeting sustainability requirements and committed to providing environmentally responsible solutions to meet current and future market recycling and solid waste needs. We organize the removal and responsible disposal of cardboard boxes through our licensed and insured waste team of contractor.  We offer same-day removal, which is a great alternative to waiting for the council’s next green box collection date. To find your cheapest cardboard recycler nearby, get in touch with Small Hauls.

Cardboard and Packaging Removal
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A dedicated Cardboard and Packaging Removal service helps save you money on waste management by removing paper and bulky cardboard from general waste streams and reducing waste going into landfill. When you contact Small Hauls, we recycle your paper and cardboard waste, it is turned into new paper and cardboard products such as packaging, industrial paper, tissues, newspapers, insulation, kitty litter and moulded cartons for eggs and fruit. Clean, dry and uncontaminated cardboard results in a higher quality of recyclable material, maximising resale and recycling values. Reach us out today for your Indian Wells junk removal services.