Collectibles and Antiques

Whether you threw a big party and are suffering through the clean-up. Perhaps you redid parts of your home and are tired of slogging through construction material. Sometimes a junk problem is unavoidable. Additionally, home or business full of trash is no way to live, which is why you deserve a better option. So, when you are moving interstate or far away and need to dispose of your Collectibles and Antiques, but couldn’t figure it out? It’s time to call Small Hauls in Indian Wells to get the job done for you.

Collectibles and Antiques Removal Specialists

Furthermore, rather than wrestling your Collectibles and Antiques to the curb yourself. Or hiring a huge, expensive dumpster for a little extra junk removal, it’s time to try something different. Small Hauls is the local leader in junk removal, giving you an amazing resource just minutes away. Our name doesn’t lie: when you have junk or any Collectibles and Antiques that is no further use to you. We’re the perfect people to contact. With amazing service for years, there’s nothing our disposal pros can’t handle.

Collectibles and Antiques

From a basement full of clutter to conference rooms full of unwanted furniture. Our fast, friendly teams can make quick work of even the biggest messes. We’ll even collect your garbage for you, picking up heavy, awkward, and cumbersome junk. From wherever it’s stored, just point and the junk is gone.

Collectibles and Antiques movers service

Eco-Friendly Disposal

If you don’t know where your junk or Collectibles and Antiques goes when it leaves your curb, you may be surprised to learn how harmful traditional disposal methods can be. That’s why Small Hauls does things differently. We care about the world around us, which is why we’re dedicated to making eco-friendly choices in every situation. As the number one name in Indian Wells junk recycling, scrap metal processing, and so much more, we’re always here to help. Schedule your appointment today.