Furniture Removal Indio

All things fall apart, and like everything else, your once new furniture is now worn out, broken and/or dirty.  Furniture has a finite lifespan and needs to be disposed of once it’s at it’s end. Small Hauls specialized in Furniture Removal Indio for our residential and commercial customers.  Many of our customers either lack the ability or the time to lift and remove big heavy furniture, which is why our strong young staff members are of such a big help.  Even if you’re physically able to do the job yourself, cut yourself some slack, take it easy on your back, and let us handle all the heavy lifting for your Furniture Removal Indio needs in Indian Wells. 

re-usable furniture

At Small Hauls, we do donate gently used and re-usable furniture that we pick-up from our customers whenever possible.  When you need to de-clutter your home or business by getting rid of bulky furniture like used couches, don’t hold back. 

Simply schedule your local, eco-friendly furniture disposal company like us to handle the heavy lifting by scheduling a pickup. As soon as tomorrow, we’ll haul it to a furniture donation, disposal, or recycling facility.

Furniture Removal

Our team will determine if the your furniture is donatable by inspecting the condition it is in. When we determine that it will be accepted by local donation centers such as Salvation Army and Goodwill, then we will make a stop there on the way to the dump. We have strong and able removal experts that will be dispatched to your residence to provide full-service Furniture Removal by entering your property and removing your junk furniture items from where they sit.

Furniture Removal service

Get a Quick Furniture Removal Estimate

Customers can reach Small Hauls 7 days a week to get free over-the-phone estimates and schedule Removal service Indio pick-ups.  Either call us to tell us what you have for removal, or text us a few photos of the junk with your smart-phone and you will receive a preliminary rough estimate right away.