Golf Carts Removal

The best time to take a golf cart to a salvage yard is when it no longer operates properly. It would cost more to repair it than it would to replace it. So, instead of doing all the hustle yourself by taking Golf Cart to a scrap yard. Its better to call Golf Carts Removal experts in Indian Wells get the job done for you. Call Small Hauls is proud to have a number of environmentally friendly policies in place. Only to ensure that we do our part to take care of the planet.  

Among these green policies is scrap metal recycling, which entails our staff separating and recycling all kinds of recyclable metal items.  It is not only good for the earth, but also our customer’s wallets because we give a discount to customers that have a substantial amount of recyclable scrap metal which will come from disposing old Golf Carts.  Because we are able to recycle the scrap and get a recycling refund, as well as save a trip to the landfill, we pass on the savings you.

Recycle Your Golf Cart & Safe Earth

Not only do you benefit from recycling your vehicle, but you can also make a difference by playing your part in saving environment. With your Golf Carts Removal Call Small Hauls make it incredibly convenient and simple for you to get rid of your used golf cart. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of endless paperwork. If you have the title to the vehicle, we will accept it, no matter its condition.

Make A Golf Cart Donation In California

If you do some research you find that there aren’t many options to dispose of an old golf cart. That’s why donating your golf cart in California has become the best way to get rid of a golf cart. Of course you can always take it to a dump, but that doesn’t give you anything out of it. Most people don’t know that used golf carts are actually worth quite a bit of money

Golf Carts Removal

Golf Carts Removal

There are many faith-based charities that are always looking to buy old golf carts. And golf cart donations are incredibly helpful at senior living facilities. When you’ve had enough of your old golf cart taking up space, Contact Call Small Hauls and we will provide you with Golf Carts Removal and make your golf cart donation for free.