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Call Small Hauls is professional company in Landscaping Removal, maintenance, gardening services, tree cutting & pruning, home lawn maintenance, rooftop garden installation, patios, gazebo, pergolas, pebbles, pavers, walkways, pools, outdoor lighting, Garden lights, sprinklers, fountain etc. in Indian Wells and extend its services to all over the region. The small garden at home can be the source of nature we need to switch off and unwind after a work day in the city.

Call Small Hauls Landscaping Service

Unless you count with plenty of time and you are interested in gardening -you should be, it has many health benefits, you don’t need to grab some garden tools and take over all the garden maintenance tasks by yourself. The proper maintenance of a garden requires time, so it is better to count on Call Small Hauls professionals to get the job done for you.

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At Call Small Hauls, we believe the good life begins with a great lawn. And we know that nothing can replace the happiness and healthiness of a life lived outside. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your yard a place of inspiration and true connection, filled with family BBQs, friendly picnics, games of tag and naps in the grass. And it’s why we’re committed to improving outdoor spaces with our Landscaping Removal services in our communities and our environment. We believe life is better outside when lived in a healthy way.

Landscaping Removal
Landscaping Removal

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Our Landscaping Removal services can help you breathe new life into the look and feel of your property. Call Small Hauls has over 20 years of experience in landscape removal and management. With our help, you can enhance your property’s aesthetics and practicality. Our commercial landscaping and residential landscaping services can make a huge difference to how your property looks and feels. Talk to our professionals and book your slot right away.